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Personal Care Silicones

Skin Care

Our versatile silicones can help you customize the way your products make skin feel—from soft to slippery, powdery to tacky, or to nothing at all.

Skin is the body’s largest organ. At Endisil®, we help customers take good care of it, through the use of silicones to deliver the performance required.

New skin cream feels thin and ordinary, whereas a luxury touch is desired. For a soft, dry feel consider our line of gum blends. For a more 3-D velvety feel with body use our SCP line of cross polymer silicones.
New shimmer spray is prone to moisture and smears during a night at the club. Silicones are inherently hydrophobic and can really help add resistance to moisture and perspiration.
New moisturizing lotion feels tacky and does not spread evenly. Consider an organo-modified silicone that reduces drag and promotes spreadability.

Sun Care

Customers want products that are multi-functional.

Silicone is one of the best carriers for active ingredients to defend against UV-induced skin aging because it resists wash-off and  transfer. Silicone also generally enhances the spreadability, lubricity, and feel of tinted lotions and creams.

Sun care products often fall short delivering the intangible notion of luxury and quality. Endisil’s expansive range of silicones and formulating expertise can address such concerns.

Self-tanning cream is tacky and doesn’t dry evenly. Help spread the actives by incorporating low surface tension and quick-drying cyclic silicones.
High SPF protection for face highlights fine lines and wrinkles. Our line of MSB silicones help soften the look of formulations by improving rub-out and refining desirable blurring effects.

Hair Care

From high shine to low impact matte, our silicones deliver the finish, feel, and freshness that your customers want from their preferred line of hair care products.

Our line of functional and non-functional silicones can deliver conditioning, bodying, softening, and repair immediately upon  use, over-time, and/or under certain conditions without stressing the hair.

New two-phase formula gives good softness, but improved substantivity is desired. Consider an amodimethicone to increase long-lasting silkiness and workability.
Silicone shine enhancer used in hair repair serum feels tacky. Consider our S-line of silicone polymer blends to maximize conditioning, especially on split ends.
New economy shampoo needs to give non-economy performance. Consider a polyether-silicone copolymer to build foam volume and stability.


Silicones present creative formulators with ingredients that enhance product performance, create original textures, and improve aesthetics from toes to lips to eyes. From shine, to spread, to smoothing, Endisil® can deliver the silicone performance your cosmetic formulations need.

Color cosmetics are balling up and not spreading well. Consider our S-line of silicone gums in volatile silicone carriers to  provide pigment dispersability and a dry, non-greasy feel.
New pressed powder product agglomerates, leading to loose chunks and loss of product. Our MSB silicones help reduce particle agglomeration while  improving rub-in and spreadability.


As the world grows smaller, the descriptive categories of the past may not capture the new us of today.

In our new multi-cultural existence, let Endisil help you capture the flexibility of silicone chemistry to deliver uniquely updated beauty solutions.

We can help develop impactful solutions for all types of hair and skin to meet universal needs in the multiple markets you serve.

Relaxers are subjected to repeat cycles of heat and physical duress, shortening performance lifespan. Consider using amodimethicone technology to build in longer-lasting performance and resistance to heat.
A large customer requests a skin lightener with SPF protectant. Where do you start? Skin whiteners or lighteners depend on pigments to do their job. Diverse silicones can deliver these pigments to where they need to go and can keep them there.