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About Us

If you think silicones are “just” silicones, think again.

Today, silicones’ broad capabilities help formulators create products that are multifunctional, easy to use, and comfortable to wear.

Endisil® integrates the manufacture, technology, and supply of specialty and commodity silicones to the markets we serve.

Taking advantage of its 25-year history within the global silicone supply chain, Endisil’s make-or-buy strategy allows us to quickly respond to the market. We share the advantages gained with our customers.

Our in-house sourcing, formulating, and manufacturing position us to deliver silicone technology, advice, and supply. We bring decades of application expertise to help our customers create truly original and differentiated products for the markets they serve.

From Beginning to End, Endisil® presents the best possible silicone technology at the required market price.

Kevin Camblin, President

endisil_kevin_bio_picKevin Camblin, president of Endisil®, Inc. has more than twenty years experience in the chemical industry. For the majority of his career, he has been directly engaged in the sale and application of silicone technology. In 1999, he founded Trilogy Group, LLC, a sales and marketing agency specializing in silicone technology and supply chains. Earlier this year, Trilogy Group merged with Endisil®, integrating the manufacture, technology, and supply of specialty and commodity silicones into a new business. Previously, Kevin started up UV Specialties, LLC, a specialty coatings firm based on energy curing (UV/EB). Prior to creating his own companies, Kevin was with Dow Corning. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering and a BA degree in History. Kevin earned an MBA from California State University in San Francisco.